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Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Policies provide further regulation interpretation of activities and uses within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

The ALC has the authority to pass bylaws necessary to exercise its powers, duties and functions.

ALC Policies outline principles, guidelines, strategies, rules or positions on various interpretative, operational, and fill and soil removal issues. The Policies provide clarification and courses of action consistently taken or adopted by the Commission.

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Housing in the ALR

Questions about building a new residence, replacing a residence, additional residences, grandfathering provisions, accessory structures (eg. garage, shop, etc), the role of local government, or have other questions about types, number, and sizes of residences in the ALR?

Review the following documents:

Farm Structures in the ALR

Questions about building a structure necessary for farm use, soil and fill requirements, the role of local government, or have other questions about farm structures in the ALR?

Review the following documents:

Necessary Farm Use Structures in the ALR GuidelinesFarm Structure Guidelines

Soil and Fill Uses in the ALR

Questions about placement of fill, removal of soil or aggregate, requirements for professional reports including reclamation plans and agrologist reports, soil and fill reference materials?

Review the following documents:

Land Use Policies

Policy NumberLand Use PoliciesDate of Adoption
or Amendment
Policy L-01Farm Product Processing in the ALRApril 2019
Policy L-02Farm Retail Sales in the ALRApril 2019
Policy L-04Agri-tourism Activities in the ALR     April 2019
Policy L-07Under Review June 2024June 2024
Policy L-10Under Review February 2019February 2019
Policy L-11Homesite Severance on ALR LandsOctober 2021
Policy L-12Approvals Granted Under Orders in Council 4473/72 and 157/73October 2021
Policy L-13Dikes for Flood Control and Irrigation in the ALRJanuary 2019
Policy L-16Lease of a Portion of ALR Land for Farm UseApril 2019
Policy L-22Gathering for an Event in the ALR     October 2021
Policy L-23Placement of Fill for Soil Bound Agricultural ActivitiesApril 2019
Policy L-24Farm-Related Commercial and Farm-Related Industrial UsesOctober 2019
Policy L-25Manufactured Homes in the ALROctober 2019
Policy L-26Non-Adhering Residential Use ApplicationsJune 2024

Procedural Policies

Policy NumberProcedural PolicyDate of Adoption
or Amendment
Policy P-01ALR Subdivision Approval by Approving OfficersOctober 2021
Policy P-02Potential Exceptions From Restrictions of Use in the ALCA: Parcels Less Than 2 Acres     April 2022
Policy P-03Approval Runs with the Land and Has No Expiry Unless SpecifiedApril 2019
Policy P-04Communication of Commission DecisionsApril 2019
Policy P-05Public Perusal of RecordsApril 2019
Policy P-06Waiving of Application FeesOctober 2021
Policy P-07Site Visits in Applications to the ALC     October 2021
Policy P-08Request for Reconsideration     October 2021
Policy P-09File Closure     July 2024
Policy P-10Criteria for Agricultural Capability AssessmentsFebruary 2024
Policy P-11Expert Opinions in Agricultural Land Commission MattersOctober 2019
Policy P-12Soil and Fill Publications and Reference MaterialsApril 2019
Policy P-13Reclamation Plans for Aggregate ExtractionApril 2019

Information Bulletins

Bulletin NumberInformation BulletinsDate of Adoption
or Amendment
IB-01Slaughter Plants and Handling Red Meat Waste in the ALROctober 2008
IB-02ALR and Coal Exploration and Extraction in the ALRJanuary 2006
IB-03Under Review February 2019February 2019
IB-04Cannabis Production in the ALRMay 2019
IB-05Residences in the ALR
Residences in the ALR – FAQs (Under Review)
June 2024
IB-06Tourist and Agri-Tourism Accommodation in the ALRJuly 2024
IB-07Soil or Fill Uses in the ALRAugust 2022
IB-08Request for ReconsiderationMarch 2020
IB-09Subdivision and Plans That Cause Subdivision in the ALROctober 2022

Governance & Operational Policies

Policy NumberGovernance & Operational PoliciesDate of Adoption
or Amendment
Policy G-01Governance PolicyOctober 2020
Policy G-02The Role of Elected Officials in Applications to the ALCOctober 2016

Decision Making Panel Directives

Decision Making Panel DirectivesDate of Adoption
or Amendment
Non-Farm Use Application for Filming Panel DirectiveApril 2021
Soil and Fill Use Application Panel DirectiveMay 2024
Administrative Regions Panel DirectiveJanuary 2023

Rules of Practice and Procedure Appeals

Rules of Practice and ProcedureDate of Adoption
or Amendment
Rules of Practice and Procedure for AppealsApril 2022
Practice Directive AppealsApril 2022