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Before You Start an Application

All information submitted through the ALC Portal will form part of the public file record

Before you start an application to the ALC, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

  • Determine which type of application you want to submit
  • Review the application instructions in Application Process
  • Collect all of the Required Documents to submit your application
  • Learn about What the Commission Considers in making a decision
  • Search for Previous Decisions in your general area and/or with similar proposals
  • Contact your local government or First Nation government to find out about bylaws, Official Community Plan designations, Laws, and other policies applicable to your proposal
  • Create a Basic or Business BCeID in order to log into the ALC Portal

Who Can Make an Application


Applications can be made by a landowner (with the exception of exclusion applications – see below), some persons with a right of entry, local government, Provincial government, First Nation government or other prescribed body pursuant to s. 29 of the ALC Act provided they are identified as the registered owner on the Certificate of title.

Exclusion Applications

Exclusion applications may only be submitted by the Province, local governments, First Nation governments, and other prescribed bodies who own the land under application pursuant to s. 29(1)(a) of the ALC Act. However local governments and First Nation governments may also make exclusion applications for land they do not own within their jurisdiction pursuant to s. 17(1), and 29(1)(b) and (c) of the ALC Act.

Identifying a Primary Contact

The primary contact in an application becomes the single point of contact and must ensure that all landowners are notified of all information exchanged between the primary contact, local or First Nation government, and the ALC. A primary contact must have access to the internet and have an email address. You can be the primary contact on our own application, however if there is more than one owner on title, you will need to fill out a Primary Contact authorization letter.

Primary Contact authorization letter must be provided if:  

  • more than one individual owner is associated with the parcel(s); or 
  • the parcel(s) are owned by a private organization/corporation; or 
  • the parcel(s) are owned by a government (Crown, local government, treaty First Nation government); or 
  • the application is being submitted by a third-party agent; or the application is being submitted by local government or First Nation government staff.

    For privately owned Fee Simple parcels, the letter must be signed by all individual landowners and the majority of directors within the organization. For Crown parcels or Fee Simple parcels owned by a government, the letter must be signed by senior level staff. 

The ALC provides an Authorization Letter template for your convenience. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the ALC Portal at or 236-468-3342. 

What You Need to Make an Application

The person making the application needs:

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • An email address
  • A BCeID account (Basic or Business accounts only). A Basic BCeID account is the minimum requirement.

If you are not able to access the internet from home or at a friend’s or family’s home, BC Public Libraries usually have computer terminals available to the public. Alternatively, you can use an agent (e.g. friend, family, professional, etc) to make the application on your behalf.