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The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is excited to announce the launch of an improved website and a new online application system (the application “Portal”) in the Fall of 2014. The changes to the website and the new application Portal will provide a streamlined and more transparent application process, for applicants, local governments, and the public.

The new website and Portal are consistent with the ALC’s strategic initiatives laid out by the ALC Board and Chair and are expected to launch Fall 2014.

The Portal will be accessed by applicants and local governments from a new ALC website, where links to sample applications, templates and supporting documents will also be available. Applicants will be able to view the questions required for each application type or notice of intent as well as guidance documents in advance of filling in the online application. Local governments will be able to process the applications through the Portal and forward its comments and recommendations to the ALC. The online application system will provide more transparency to those applications received, considered, and decided upon by the Commission. Applications and their status will also be viewable by the public on the website throughout the application process.

When the new Portal is launched, the paper based application process will end. The ALC anticipates that there will be a period of transition where both in-stream paper applications and new electronic applications, will be processed by local governments and the ALC.

Please refer back to the Website for periodic updates.

Posted September 4, 2014


ALC Act Regulation Engagement

To provide input into the Ministry of Agriculture's process regarding proposed ALR Regulation changes, click on this link.


Agricultural Land Commission Annual Report 2013/14


Compliance and Enforcement Activities: Central Saanich

June 19, 2014
Appeal hearing transcript

June 11, 2014
Appeal hearing procedure and schedule public release

Appeal Commissioner directions - Jun 2, 2014

Appeal Commissioner directions - Jun 4, 2014

May 22, 2014
Appeal hearing public release

On January 31, 2014 the ALC’s Chief Executive Officer placed a Stop Work Order regarding a compost facility located at 6341 Old East Road, Central Saanich (Commonly known as Foundation Organics/Stanhope Farm). The Stop Work Order may be viewed here.


Message from the Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission:
An Update

This Message from the Chair provides a further update regarding the ongoing work of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC). The past five months have been very busy for the ALC. This period has seen several significant developments by the ALC in pursuing and achieving the goals and strategic objectives outlined in my previous Chair’s Messages (August 23, 2012 and October 4, 2013).


January 23, 2014

Compliance and Enforcement Activities: Fort St. John

On January 7, 2014 the ALC’s Compliance and Enforcement Officer placed a Stop Work Order on a property located at 8583 – 259th Road, Fort St. John. The Stop Work Order followed an onsite inspection and investigation to determine the extent of unauthorized non-farm uses located on the property.
The Stop Work Order and other documents regarding Fort St. John Application # 53049 may be viewed here


October 4, 2013

Message from the Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission:
An Update

On August 23, 2012, I issued my first Message from the Chair, entitled Changing the Way we do Business: An Update on the Transition of the Agricultural Land Commission. In that Message, I announced several changes the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) would be making to our operations. My Annual Update Message is issued with two purposes in mind. One is to advise interested readers about the ALC’s progress in carrying out our renewed strategic vision. The other is to orient our strategic vision within a clear and focused discussion about the history and purpose of the ALR and the ALC.


July 5, 2013




(updated Jan 2014)

With proposed federal regulatory changes underway, the ALC has clarified its policy regarding medical marihuana production in the ALR.


Changing the way we do business: an update on the transition of the Agricultural Land Commission

August 23, 2012
Message from the Chair of the Agricultural Land Commission


Review of the Agricultural Land Commission

Moving Forward: A Strategic Vision of the Agricultural Land Commission for Future Generations

Nov 26, 2010
Submitted By: Richard Bullock, Chair Provincial Agricultural Land Commission


A Work in Progress – The BC Farmland Preservation Program by Barry E Smith, 2012
BC’s Agricultural Land Commission – Historical Roots by G. Gary Runka, 2006
Establishment of the ALR excerpts from A Work in Progress – The BC Farmland Preservation Program by Barry E Smith, 2012
BC’s Agricultural Land Preservation Program by G. Gary Runka, 1977
The Use of Biophysical Information – BC Land Commission Overview by G. Gary Runka, 1976
Agriculture Capability Classification in BC
Agriculture Capability & The ALR Fact Sheet
The Potential of Marginal Agricultural Lands Discussion Paper by Soils Branch, BC Ministry of Agriculture, 1978
Fort Nelson Community Planning Decision 2011 (Application 52348)
Fort St. John Application 53049
North Peace Fringe Area (Fort St John area) OCP File#36298
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality OCP File#46443
History of Oil and Gas Activities in the ALR
ALC/OGC Delegation Agreement
Richard Bullock Presentation to BC Institute of Agrologists Victoria & Islands Branch Nov. 2013
Richard Bullock CBC Radio Daybreak South Nov. 2013
BC Food Systems Network ALR-ALC Media Backgrounder Nov 7, 2013
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ALR Area by Region

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