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Application & Decision Search provides public access to application summary information, ALC maps and Reasons for Decisions documents

What can I see in Application & Decision Search?

  • Applications electronically submitted to the ALC starting July 15, 2015
  • Application Summaries
  • Proposal Sketches
  • Local Government Resolutions
  • Application Status
  • ALC Maps
  • ALC Reasons for Decisions

Archived decisions from 2006 - 2016 can be found in Archived Decisions

When can I see application information?

Applications submitted to the ALC become visible in Application Search when the ALC acknowledges the submission as complete. Once the local government forwards the application and the associated fee to the ALC, staff check that required documents are present and assign the ALC Acknowledged - Complete status accordingly.

Reasons for Decision documents are posted two (2) business days after release to the applicant.

For reasons of privacy, the ALC does not publish all application material. Please refer to ALC Policy P-05 - Public Perusal of Records.

Temporary Decision Posting:

Due to current technical resource restrictions, the ALC is manually posting some application decisions to the ALC website as well as within the Application Search tool. If a decision is no longer listed in the table below, it is now available in the Application Search tool.

ALC Decisions posted to the website
Application ID 55408 53333 55916 and 55449
Type Extraction Exclusion Exclusion and Inclusion
Status ALC Decision ALC Decision ALC Decision
Status Date 03/06/2019 02/19/2018 08/03/2017
Decision Refused Refused Approved
Reasons for Decision Decision - Click here Decision - Click here Decision - Click here
Applicant(s) Victoria Turton

Marjorie Butler, Charleen Lowe,

Natatlie Butler, Allan Hays

569244 BC Ltd
Region Okanagan South Coast South Coast
Local Government City of Kelowna Township of Langley The Corporation of Delta