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Business BCeID Access Help

For technical assistance please contact:

Judson Young
(604) 868-2979

Applicant Login Requirements

In order to log into the Application Portal, the applicant or agent is required to use a BCeID account as their user identification. A BCeID is required for all applications and notices of intent.

The applicant or agent can use one of the following BCeID accounts:

  • Basic BCeID
  • Business BCeID

The minimum requirement is a Basic BCeID account (no fee) which does not require verification of personal information, but will ensure that the same person is logging into the Application Portal each time. If the applicant has authorized an agent to make the application on their behalf, the agent should use their own BCeID account to log into the Application Portal. A BCeID account is used to log in each time an applicant returns to the Application Portal. If an applicant or agent already has a Basic or Business BCeID account, they can log into the Application Portal with their existing account.


To register for a BCeID account:

  1. Go to the BCeID website
  2. Begin BCeID registration
  3. Select a Basic or Business BCeID account
  4. Select “Register without specifying an Online Service”
  5. Complete registration and remember your BCeID username and password to log into the Application Portal

Local Government Login Requirements

All local governments with land in the ALR are required to register with the ALC Application Portal in order for landowners within the area to submit an application or notice of intent. Local governments must also provide their staff's BCeID User account information to the ALC in order to access the local government portion of the Application Portal. Please contact the ALC for information on local government registration.