ALR Values and Benefits

While the ALR was originally set up to preserve the limited agricultural land resource in BC, it provides a variety of values and benefits to farmers and ranchers and other communities of interest.

Farmer/Landowner Benefits

Permitted activities with limited local government involvement Land base for growing export products
Provides a stable land base for agricultural businesses Protection under the Farm Practices Protection Act (FFPA)
Value added activities for expanding and enriching
agricultural income

Secure land base for inter-generational transfer and farm succession

Tax benefits  

Community Benefits

Jobs (direct and secondary) Limits urban water runoff
Safeguards local food capacity Acts as an urban containment boundary
Preserves land base for the business of agriculture Provides land base for growing of agricultural export products
Maintains rural character and lifestyle Provides for a pastoral environment

Dairy cow - Ministry of Agriculture

Environmental Benefits

Provides green space Bird and waterfowl habitat
Wildlife habitat Supports biodiversity
Soil conservation and erosion control Retain excess water
Parks and protected areas Reduce transportation-associated emissions

Health Benefits

Open land recreational opportunities Healthy local food supply

Multi Use Zone Benefits

Multi-land uses including resource activities such as oil and gas, forestry and aggregate extraction uses that may be short or medium term, are considered temporary and can be reclaimed for agricultural use.