Unauthorized Use of ALR Land

The Agricultural Land Commission's (ALC) Compliance and Enforcement team's objective is to gain compliance with the Agricultural Land Commission Act (ALC Act) by working cooperatively with landowners, local governments, and other government agencies. Although every effort is made to encourage voluntary compliance prior to resorting to legal action, ALC Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) Officers have the authority to resolve matters of non-compliance by issuing and enforcing stop work orders, remediation orders and penalties. The ALC can also apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia to assist in enforcing orders.

Unauthorized uses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fill placement or removal of soil on ALR land;
  • Aggregate extraction;
  • Parking or storage of commercial or industrial vehicles;
  • Operating a commercial business unrelated to farming;
  • Construction of buildings other than a principal residence without a permit;
  • Impacting/obstructing a watercourse.

The ALC responds to information brought to its attention that may involve activity that contravenes the ALC Act. If you witness, are aware of, or have concerns over any activities on ALR land that appears to be unauthorized, consider if the activity may be permitted under the ALC Act or ALR Land Use, Subdivision and Procedure Regulation. If you believe that the activity is not permitted and you would like to submit a report to the ALC C&E team, the Compliance and Enforcement Land Use Activity Report Form must be completed and submitted to the email address: ALRLandUseConcern@gov.bc.ca.

Your complaint report will be reviewed by C&E staff. Each complaint will be assessed by C&E staff to determine the priority level of review. The assessment will be based on the potential risk to agricultural land; the greater the potential risk to agricultural land will result in a higher priority assignment. The assigned priority rating may result in longer review periods for complaints regarding matters considered by C&E staff to represent lesser risk to agricultural land.

Due to the significant volume of complaints received by the Commission, it is unlikely C&E staff will be able to respond directly to complainants, nor will it be possible to provide updates on all submissions. However, C&E staff will contact you if additional information or clarification of the complaint is required.

The Commission assures you that your complaint will be reviewed. If you do not hear from C&E staff during the course of their review, please do not interpret this lack of communication as inaction on the part of C&E staff. The Commission has tasked C&E Program staff with handling complaints in an efficient manner which may result in less communication with complainants in favour of devoting more time to managing case files.      

Thank you for your efforts to help preserve British Columbia’s farm land.


The collection, use, and disclosure of personal information are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information collected on the C&E Land Use Activity Report form will be used to process your submission.  It may also be shared when strictly necessary with partner agencies that are also subject to the provisions of the Act.