About the ALC

The purposes of the ALC as set out in Section 6 of the Agricultural Land Commission Act are

a) to preserve agricultural land;
b) to encourage farming in collaboration with other communities of interest; and
c) to encourage local governments, First Nations, the government and its agents to enable and accommodate farm use of agricultural land and uses compatible with agriculture in their plans, bylaws and policies.

The Commission

The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent administrative tribunal comprised of appointed Commissioners that are responsible for administering the ALC Act.


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Working with local governments

The ALC deals with approximately 150 local governments across BC with land in the ALR. The ALC supports coordinated and collaborative planning with local governments to ensure agricultural lands are protected.

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Working with Ministries and Agencies

The ALC is mandated to encourage others, including the provincial government and its agents, to take the interests of the ALR and the business of agriculture into account in the course of their program administration.

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