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About the Commission

Our Mission ...
Preserve agricultural land and encourage and enable farm businesses throughout British Columbia.

The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent Provincial agency responsible for administering the Province's land use zone in favour of agriculture.

The purpose of the Commission is

  • to preserve agricultural land;

  • to encourage farming in collaboration with other communities of interest; and

  • to encourage local governments, First Nations, the government and its agents to enable and accommodate farm use of agricultural land and uses compatible with agriculture in their plans, bylaws and policies.

A provincial agricultural land reserve system that fosters economic, environmental and social sustainability.

The Commission expects to achieve its mission through the realization of its four complementary goals:
1. Preservation of agricultural land.
2. The encouragement and enabling of farm businesses.
3. A provincial land reserve system that considers community interests.
4. Sound governance and organizational excellence.

 Agriculture's fiscal contribution to local government

The Commission is responsible for the administration of the Agricultural Land Commission Act.