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ALR Statistics

Please refer to the ALC Annual Report for additional statistics.

Table 1: Area Included/Excluded from the ALR by Year,
1974 - 2009

Table 2: Area Included/Excluded from the ALR by Regional District, 1974 - 2009
Area Included/Excluded from the ALR by Year and Regional District: 
Table 3.1: 2000Table 3.6: 2005
Table 3.2: 2001Table 3.7: 2006
Table 3.3: 2002Table 3.8: 2007
Table 3.4: 2003Table 3.9: 2008
Table 3.5: 2004Table 3.10: 2009

Table 4: Applications Submitted, 2006 - 2010
Table 5: Applications Submitted, 2004 and 2005
Chart 1: Percentage of ALR by Region

  • Table 1 indicates decisions of the Commission during each calendar year. Decisions may be for applications received in that that year or previous years that are actually decided by the Commission in that year.
  • The New Applications Submitted Table is intended to indicate application workload. Applications received during a year may or may not be decided during that year.