South Coast

South Coast Applications

Application Local
Applicant Application Summary Date
Decision Decision
55588 City of Richmond City of Richmond To construct 1.9 ha of recreational trails comprising:
• A pedestrian trail (2.5 m wide by 2,850 m in length)
• A bike trail (4 m wide by 2,950 m in length)
10-Jul-16 Click here 3-Jan-17
55078 Township of Langley Ministry of Transportation &
The Applicants are applying to:
• widen 2 kilometres of Highway 1 from four lanes to six lanes and creation of a new
full movement diamond interchange and overpass at the intersection of Highway 1
and 216th Street (total of 50,066 m2)
• create 2 temporary workspaces (total of 962 m2)
15-Apr-16 Click here 11-Jan-17
54184 Township of Langley Yuan Shang Gong FILL: To place 38,537m3 of topsoil over an area of 4.9 ha over a time period of 2 years in order to facilitate development of a blueberry operation. 13-Aug-15 Click here 16-Jan-17
54977 City of Chilliwack Richard Fortin The City is seeking approval for a "Non-Farm Use" in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) on a portion of the subject property in order to facilitate a public dog off-leash area. 1-Nov-16 Click here 16-Jan-17
55263 City of Chilliwack Klassen Farms Ltd. To adjust the boundaries between Property 1 (0.9 ha) and Property 2 (7.2 ha) 12-Oct-16 Click here 17-Jan-17
55533 City of Richmond Doug Kavanagh To place 140,000 m3 of fill over a 14.5 ha area, to a depth of 1.2m, in order address high water table and drainage issues on the Property 27-Jul-16 Click here 24-Jan-17
54227 City of Richmond Mayberry Farms Ltd. To reconfigure the boundaries for the seven existing Properties and to create two additional properties (total of 9 properties) for the purpose of family succession planning 19-Apr-16 Click here 8-Feb-17
54834 Township of Langley Dianne Parkinson Keith Beale To convert the existing manufactured home on the Property into a daycare for 25 children with a total non-farm use area of 0.1 ha 21-Oct-16 Click here 8-Feb-17
55533 City of Richmond SixWest Holdings Ltd To place 140,000 m3 of fill over a 14.5 ha area, to a depth of 1.2m, in order address high water table and drainage issues on the Property 27-Jul-16 Click here 8-Feb-17
55107 City of Chilliwack Alfred van den Brink
Cora van den Brink
Cedarbrink Dairy Ltd., Inc., No. 459693
Applying for a boundary adjustment between Property 1 and Property 2 which would result in a 1.0 ha Parcel (Property 1) and a 65 ha parcel (Property 2). The area of Property 1 is proposed to increase for the purpose of building a larger house 20-Oct-16 Click here 9-Feb-17
55419 City of Abbotsford 602309 BC Ltd., Inc. No. BC0602309 To deposit 33,000 m3 of soil on a 1.5 ha portion of the Property in order to alleviate issues of topography (depressions), poor drainage (peat soils), and stoniness 27-Oct-16 Click here 9-Feb-17
54743 District of Delta Stanley Burr To subdivide 0.4 ha from the 33.1 ha Property under the ALC Homesite Severance Policy 8-Nov-16 Click here 14-Feb-17
55378 City of Pitt Meadows Pitt Meadows Airport Society, Inc. The Applicants are applying for a non-farm use to deposit 9200 m3 of fill over 0.4 ha in order to extend the length of the existing airport runway by 83 metres and to replace and upgrade existing airport electrical facilities 9-Aug-16 Click here 15-Feb-17
54573 City of Chilliwack John Rimschneider Erica Rimschneider To utilize 0.1 ha of the Property to construct a telecommunications structure and access road. The telecommunications structure requires a 20m x 20m (0.04 ha) compound 24-Mar-16 Click here 16-Feb-17
54738 City of Richmond BC Transportation and Finance
Authority (BCTFA)
The Applicant is applying for transportation
corridor use impacting 32 properties for the purposes of:
a. Replacement of the George Massey Tunnel with a 3.3 km bridge;
b. Improvements along 24 km of Highway 99 between Bridgeport Road in Richmond
and Highway 91 in Delta; and
c. Replacement of the Westminster Highway, Steveston Highway, and Highway 17A
29-Jun-16 Click here 24-Feb-17
55043 Township of Langley George Lockerby Applying for a homesite severance subdivision to create two 2 ha lots for the purpose of creating a lot for the Applicant’s immediate family member 20-Oct-16 Click here 28-Feb-17
54354 City of Surrey R.N.L. Investments Ltd To exclude the 9.3 ha Property from the ALR Recon Click here 1-Mar-17
55290 City of Chilliwack Robert Stobbe
Charity Stobbe
To subdivide the Property into a 7.5 ha lot and ± 9.1 ha lot. 18-Oct-16 Click here 1-Mar-17
54969 City of Chilliwack Albertus Oostenbrink To construct a farm market to sell products mostly produced on the farm. Recon Click here 8-Mar-17
54772 City of Abbotsford Sunshine Cranberry Farm Ltd. To deposit 38,000 m3 of fill over a 4.5 ha portion of the Property to a maximum depth of 1.4 m for the purpose of raising the cranberry growing surface to the same level as the rest of the cranberry bog 27-Jul-16 Click here 14-Mar-17
55847 City of Chilliwack City of Chilliwack To utilize 0.3 ha from Property 1 and 0.3 ha from Property 2 as Right-of-Way (RoW) for the construction of a roundabout as part of the Lickman/Trans-Canada Highway Interchange upgrade 18-Nov-16 Click here 14-Mar-17
55461 City of Abbotsford 338475 B.C. Ltd. to place 519,000 m3 of fill over 7.3 ha of the Properties to a maximum depth of 10 metres over five years 9-Sep-16 Click here 16-Mar-17
55644 City of Richmond City of Richmond To create two temporary workspaces, with a maximum combined area of 2.0 ha, for the purpose of constructing an underground pipeline (fuel delivery system for the Vancouver International Airport) within an existing Road Right of Way (ROW) along Francis Road 23-Sep-16 Click here 17-Mar-17
55675 Sunshine Coast 0941623 B.C. Ltd. to subdivide the Property into a 5.6 ha parcel and a 4.0 ha parcel for the purposes of estate settlement 17-Nov-16 Click here 17-Mar-17
55686 District of Delta Ministry of Transportation &
To use 2.1 ha of the Property for a ramp connecting Highway 17 and Deltaport Way to a new truck staging facility 15-Nov-16 Click here 17-Mar-17