North Applications

Application Local
Applicant Application Summary Date
Decision Decision
55617 District of Kitimat Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club John Hall To subdivide the seven properties to create a total of 14 lots and consolidate seven of the subdivided lots with DL 6177, 6176 and Lot A Plan PRP14247 to create a 169 ha lot for the golf course 22-Aug-16 Click here 10-Jan-17
55557 Peace River Michael Palfi
Karen Palfi
To subdivide the Property into two lots of 7.2 ha and 5.1 ha 1-Nov-16 Click here 24-Jan-17
55445 Peace River Bonnie Adolph
Ronald Peterson
To subdivide 2 ha from the 128.5 ha Property for their son 22-Nov-16 Click here 26-Jan-17
55059 Peace River Dawson Creek
Sportsman's Club
To extend the existing gun range that is located to the north of the Property for the purpose of recreational activities including gun ranges, walking trails, trap shooting, playground area, target shooting, archery and sporting clay courses 3-Nov-16 Click here 17-Feb-17
55491 Peace River Rainer Steck
Charlotte Francoeur
To exclude the Property from the ALR 3-Jan-17 Click here 27-Feb-17
55842 Peace River Karlene Duncan To move the interior parcel line between the Properties to create a ±2.1 ha lot and a ±2.6 ha lot 13-Dec-16 Click here 27-Feb-17
56010 Peace River Ministry of Transportation
and Infrastructure
To create a westbound passing lane beginning at Raceway Road, continuing for approximately 1.7
kilometers as part of the Toboggan Land Passing Lane Project. The total area of ALR land affected is 7.3 ha
10-Jan-17 Click here 7-Mar-17
55997 Peace River Travis Eggers
Renee Eggers
To expand a right-of-way to accommodate intersection improvements at Hwy 97 and Montney Highway/254 Road. 20-Dec-16 Click here 8-Mar-17
55303 Peace River Daniel McLean
Penny McLean
To subdivide the 10.7 ha Property into two ± 5.3 ha lots to provide a separate residence for the Applicants’ daughter 11-Oct-16 Click here 9-Mar-17