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53872 City of Cranbrook

City of Cranbrook
Rob Veg, Sr. Planner

EXCLUSION - To exclude the subject parcel to accommodate subdivision and subsequent consideration of an OCP 1-Oct-14 Click here 23-Feb-16
54002 Central Kootenay 471991 B.C. Ltd NON-FARM USE - to establish an artesian well on the subject property (3.4 ha) with the intention to market and sell bottled water. 5-Mar-15 Click here 23-Feb-16
54084 Central Kootenay Central Kootenay NON-FARM USE- Temporary Use for a two day medieval cultural festival, yet is proposed to occur on an annual basis. 13-May-15 Click here 23-Feb-16
54040 East Kootenay Gloria Urban SUBDIVISION- 32.6 ha parcel; two allotments of 2 ha and 30.6 ha. 1-Apr-15 Click here 28-Apr-16
54102 Central Kootenay Eugene & Sharon Facette SUBDIVISION - to adjust the boundaries between Lot 1 (0.2 ha) and Lot 139 (3.6 ha). 3-Jun-15 Click here 28-Apr-16
54162 East Kootenay Robert Travis and Heather Crabbe SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the 49.0 ha property into a 1.8 ha lot and a 47.2 ha remainder. 24-Jul-15 Click here 28-Apr-16
54180 East Kootenay George & Ernest Roo SUBDIVISION - Subdivide the 54.5 ha property into 3 parcels. 24-Jul-15 Click here 28-Apr-16
54384 Kootenay-Boundary Todd Dynneson NON-FARM USE - to operate an auto-body repair shop 3-Sep-15 Click here 30-May-16
53800 District of Invermere CastleRock Estates Development Corporation, Inc No. 0985348 0985348 BC Ltd. NON-FARM USE of 0.7 ha of the subject property for boat and trailer storage. Recon Click here 7-Jun-16
54567 Central Kootenay Box Lake Lumber Products Ltd. SUBDIVISION - To subdivide a separate parcel laying east of Highway 6 18-Feb-16 Click here 13-Jun-16
54578 East Kootenay

Amanda Lee Jopp
Blaine MItchell Jopp

SUBDIVISION - Subdivide the property into two parcels 29-Feb-16 Click here 13-Jun-16
54716 East Kootenay Lise MacFarlane NON-FARM USE - The purpose of the proposal is to allow recreational vehicles to be stored on the subject property. 4-Apr-16 Click here 13-Jun-16
54660 Central Kootenay Peter and Laura Moll SUBDIVISION - Subdivide the property into two parcels 18-Feb-16 Click here 14-Jun-16
54744 Central Kootenay Roy and Leah Honkanen To use 0.006 ha of the property for the purpose of an office. 18-Feb-16 Click here 14-Jun-16
54983 East Kootenay

Barry Brown-John
Rocky Mountain Land Co.

To provide public road access to the land locked parcel Lot 188, Plan 988, DL 4596, KD 18-Mar-16 Click here 15-Jun-16
54330 Central Kootenay Paul Kernan SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the parcel into three 4 acre lots with access from Malina Road. 15-Dec-15 Click here 11-Jul-16
54779 East Kootenay Telus Mobility Mobile Inc. To construct a 60 meter high self-supporting cellular communication tower 23-Jun-16 Click here 20-Jul-16
54041 Central Kootenay BC Transportation Financing Authority; Daniel Green TRANSPORTATION, UTILITY OR RECREATIONAL TRAIL USES 1-Apr-15 Click here 25-Jul-16
54164 East Kootenay Pat & Rene Spocchi SUBDIVISION 24-Jul-15 Click here 25-Jul-16
54390 East Kootenay Jjar Holdings Ltd. SUBDIVISION 20-Jan-16 Click here 25-Jul-16
54748 Central Kootenay David Johnson SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the 3.6 ha property into two parcels of 1.8 ha each. 1-Mar-16 Click here 25-Jul-16
54181 East Kootenay James Thorner NON-FARM USE 24-Jul-15 Click here 27-Jul-16
54425 Central Kootenay Catherine McIvor SUBDIVISION - to subdivide the 1.3 ha property into roughly two equal lots (~0.6 ha). 16-Sep-15 Click here 27-Jul-16
54474 Central Kootenay Harmony Ellert-Maeser SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the property into two parcels of approx 4.2 ha and 42.9 ha. 25-Nov-15 Click here 27-Jul-16
54530 East Kootenay Fiona and Dale Anderson INCLUSION - To include the 1.7 ha property into the ALR. 15-Jan-16 Click here 27-Jul-16
54582 East Kootenay Richard Schroeder INCLUSION - To include the property into the ALR. 1-Feb-16 Click here 27-Jul-16
54367 Kootenay-Boundary 0472164 BC Ltd SUBDIVISION - Subdivide the property into 4 lots 3-Sep-15 Click here 28-Jul-16
54368 Kootenay-Boundary 0472164 BC Ltd EXCLUSION 3-Sep-15 Click here 28-Jul-16
54904 Central Kootenay Bruce and Analee Anderson EXCLUSION 17-Feb-16 Click here 28-Jul-16
54927 Kootenay-Boundary Shayne Quintal SUBDIVISION 25-Apr-16 Click here 28-Jul-16
54285 Kootenay-Boundary Peter and Lisa Demski SUBDIVISION - Subdivide the property into 2 lots 19-Aug-15 Click here 8-Aug-16
54770 East Kootenay Roberta and Gerald Fenner SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the property into two parcels of 24 ha and 8 ha 16-May-16 Click here 12-Aug-16
54894 East Kootenay Diana Walker SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the property into 6 parcels. 22-Apr-16 Click here 12-Aug-16
54938 East Kootenay William and Robert Coy To register a lease of 0.187 ha for residential purposes 25-May-16 Click here 15-Aug-16
55075 City of Grand Forks Chris-Anne Gilmore

To adjust the boundaries between the properties to create new parcel sizes  of 0.4 ha and 1.7 ha

24-May-16 Click here 15-Aug-16
55598 East Kootenay Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure To remove land from the ALR to accommodate construction of an east bound passing lane and utility corridor 28-Jul-16 Click here 15-Aug-16
55113 East Kootenay Justin Cory Wentzell      Susan Wentzell NON-FARM USE - To use 1.8 ha of the property for a campground consisting of 60 sites 27-May-16 Click here 15-Aug-16
54160 Kootenay-Boundary Ralph Russell SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the property into two parcels of approx 10.7 ha and 30 ha 24-Jul-15 Click here 6-Sep-16
54545 East Kootenay Perry Rammeloo SUBDIVISION - To subdivide a 2.5 ha parcel from the property 8-Jan-16 Click here 6-Sep-16
54626 East Kootenay William Salekin SUBDIVISION - To subdivide a 2 ha parcel from the 29.3 ha property 26-Feb-16 Click here 9-Sep-16
53678 East Kootenay Terry Hunt, Lennard & Marilyn Hunt, Duane Hunt SUBDIVISION - To subdivide the 16.9 ha parcel into two equal parcels. 7-May-16 Click here 13-Sep-16
54806 East Kootenay 0701120 B.C. Ltd. NON-FARM USE 17-Mar-16 Click here 22-Sep-16
55185 Central Kootenay Siegmund Hepperle
Vanessa Hepperle
SUBDIVISION 13-Jun-16 Click here 26-Sep-16
55173 Central Kootenay Cajen Kelly Rayne SUBDIVISION 14-Jul-16 Click here 26-Sep-16
54392 Central Kootenay Roy and Leah Honkanen To include 1.3 ha of the property in the ALR 16-Feb-16 Click here 17-Oct-16
55158 Central Kootenay Bryan Edgren To exclude the 2.5 ha ALR portion of the 7.2 ha property from the ALR 26-Jul-16 Click here 26-Oct-16
54838 East Kootenay Novalee & Darren Reeves To subdivide this recreational land along Lake Koocanusa 22-Jun-16 Click here 28-Oct-16
53982 East Kootenay Luminary Holding Corp. Kevin Dunn NON FARM USE for a guest lodge Recon Click here 31-Oct-16
54650 East Kootenay Alan Young, Donna Marie Young Subdivide the property into 2 parcels 24-Jun-16 Click here 31-Oct-16
55674 East Kootenay LINDA SATINK To subdivide the 2.0 ha Property into two parcels of 1.0 ha 21-Oct-16 Click here 3-Nov-16
54986 Central Kootenay Penny Ballance
Garth Ballance
To exclude the 2.9 ha Property from the ALR to facilitate future subdivision of the Property into two lots 15-Jul-16 Click here 8-Nov-16
55324 Central Kootenay Gwen Bridge
Jyrki Jalonen
To construct 4 or 5 temporary agri-tourism accommodation units on the Property 15-Jul-16 Click here 9-Nov-16
55106 East Kootenay Highland Ranch Ltd. To utilize an existing permanent
structure and the surrounding 1.6 ha to host events
23-Jun-16 Click here 15-Nov-16
55532 Central Kootenay Bradley Isaac To operate and expand a farm
machinery repair shop. The Applicant currently utilizes a ±142 m² building for the non-farm use and intends to construct a ±222 m² addition
1-Sep-16 Click here 15-Nov-16
55113 East Kootenay Justin Cory Wentzell
Susan Wentzell
To use 1.8 ha of the Property for a
campground consisting of 60 sites
Recon Click here 23-Nov-16
55422 Kootenay-Boundary Shirley Buckley To adjust the boundaries between Property 1 and Property 2 to create a 60.8 ha parcel (“Proposed Lot 1”) and a 3.4 (“Proposed Lot 2”) ha parcel, the smaller of which would be used to build a dwelling for retirement purposes 30-Aug-16 Click here 24-Nov-16
54641 East Kootenay Donald Jubinville
Elaine Jubinville
To subdivide a 2 ha parcel from
the Property for family members
26-Feb-16 Click here 28-Nov-16
54773 Central Kootenay Ronald Keith Evans
Larry Clifton Evans
To exclude the Property for the purposes of constructing a wildlife interpretation centre in connection to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area located adjacent to the Property 1-Sep-16 Click here 28-Nov-16
53982 East Kootenay Luminary Holding Corp. Kevin Dunn NON FARM USE for a guest lodge Recon Click here 7-Dec-16
54650 East Kootenay Alan Young, Donna Marie Young Subdivide the property into 2 parcels Recon Click here 7-Dec-16
54423 Village of Canal Flats Brent Dubois To exclude the Property for the
purpose of future subdivision and residential development
9-Sep-16 Click here 8-Dec-16
54521 East Kootenay Columbia Valley Greenways
Trail Alliance
To construct a nonmotorized
multi-use recreational trail called the Westside Legacy Trail (the “Trail”) between the communities of Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. The Trail is proposed to be approximately 25 km long with a three meter paved width, located within a 12 meter right-of-way
1-Mar-16 Click here 8-Dec-16
55402 East Kootenay 1129759 Alberta Ltd. To subdivide the 287.6 ha
Property into two parcels of approximately 70 ha and 217 ha
21-Jul-16 Click here 8-Dec-16