Kootenay Applications

Application Local
Applicant Application Summary Date
Decision Decision
55435 Central Kootenay Her Majesty the Queen in Right
of the Province of British
Steven Kruger
Lila Bonnardel
Rose Bonnardel
To adjust the boundary between the Properties to create a 0.975 ha lot and 5.825 ha lot in order to enable the expansion of the Argenta Cemetery. An area of 0.375 ha are proposed to be transferred
from Property 2 and added to Property 1
23-Nov-16 Click here 9-Jan-17
55483 East Kootenay Jeremy Price To subdivide the 4.7 ha Property
into two lots of 2.0 ha and 2.7 ha
19-Oct-16 Click here 9-Jan-17
55654 East Kootenay Karen Bergman
Dwight Grymaloski
To subdivide the 2.0 ha
Property into two lots of 1.0 ha each
19-Oct-16 Click here 19-Jan-17
55729 Central Kootenay Gordon Mahon To adjust the boundaries between
the 66.2 ha Property 1 and the 80.0 ha Property 2 resulting in a ±12 ha lot containing the
home site and a ±134.2 ha remainder lot including the farm fields
18-Nov-16 Click here 19-Jan-17
55607 East Kootenay Anke Brander To subdivide the 69.6 ha property into two lots of approx 9.5 ha and 60.1 ha as divided by Wycliffe Road 19-Oct-16 Click here 8-Feb-17
55689 Central Kootenay Teresa Precious
Russell Precious
Sarah Precious
Michael Precious
Lilah Precious
To subdivide approximately 2.0 ha from the ALR portion of the Property. 21-Oct-16 Click here 1-Mar-17
55716 Central Kootenay Justin Dexter,
Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources
To manage a multi-use, non-motorized trail bisecting the Properties which are all Crown Land. No trail will be constructed as the intention is to formally maintain one of the existing pathways located on the Properties that are not currently dedicated as road or trail. The proposed area to be dedicated as trail is approximately 1 km long and 1.5 m wide, adding up to approximately 0.15 ha in total 2-Nov-16 Click here 1-Mar-17
55665 East Kootenay Norm Roberts Logging Limited To construct a 297.2 m² shop building for the purpose of storing and servicing logging and re-forestation equipment used in the Applicant's business. In addition, the Applicant intends to add a greenhouse onto the proposed shop building for growing tree seedlings. A total area of approximately 0.2 ha is proposed for the non-farm use. 2-Dec-16 Click here 7-Mar-17
55900 East Kootenay Uwe Gwinner
Ulrike Kohler
To construct a 65 m² addition to the butcher shop for the purposes of enclosing the slaughter facility in order to minimize noise and other impacts
to neighbours. The total area of the butcher shop including the proposed addition is 296 m² which exceeds the maximum size permitted for a home occupation use in the zoning bylaw for the Regional District of the East Kootenay.
21-Feb-17 Click here 9-Mar-17
56162 East Kootenay The Crown in Right of
British Columbia
To install a communication tower in a 64 m² compound which will be serviced by a 420 metre long utility line. The utility line is proposed to be buried at a depth of 3 metres in a 0.3 metre wide trench that will be back filled with native soils from the excavation. A total of 0.046 ha of land will be affected 13-Feb-17 Click here 9-Mar-17