Island Applications


Application Local
Applicant Application Summary Date
Decision Decision
54929 District of North Saanich James F. Waterhouse
Gwenda L. Waterhouse
to utilize 0.2 ha of the Property for a small commercial kitchen for canning and preparing farm produce, as well as a small food service utilizing farm grown products. In addition, Fickle Fig is proposing to create a year-round farmers' market, selling its own farm products and also selling other local farms products. In the future, Fickle Fig would like to operate a brewery in which over 50% of the ingredients used in the beer/mead will be grown on its farms 6-Jul-16 Click here 23-Jan-17
55304 Comox Valley Dennis Horsthuis To include the Property into the ALR to develop a medical marihuana production facility 10-Nov-16 Click here 30-Jan-17
55410 Nanaimo Rodney Edwards
Laurie Kallin
To subdivide the Property as bisected by Doumont Road into two lots of 1 ha and 3.8 ha 11-Oct-16 Click here 30-Jan-17
55815 District of Sooke Carol Davison To include the 3.1 ha Property into
the ALR
6-Oct-16 Click here 30-Jan-17
56062 City of Langford Oakcrest Park Estates, Ltd., Inc., No, BC0258606 To utilize 0.02 ha for a road right-of-way for storm water control at the intersection of West Shore Parkway and Sooke Road Highway No. 14 12-Jan-17 Click here 31-Jan-17
54348 Comox Valley Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure To utilize 2.95 ha in order to realign Dove Creek Road between Piercy Road and Headquarters Road. The proposed road right-of-way is two lanes to a maximum of 55 m wide and an average of 3 to 4 m high. Recon Click here 27-Feb-17
54666 District of Saanich Genevieve Fatt To subdivide the 10.2 ha parcel into one 0.4 ha parcel containing the original manor home, and one 9.8 ha parcel to be owned by one of the Applicant’s sons upon which he will live and farm. 15-Nov-16 Click here 27-Feb-17
55585 District of Central Saanich Jason Dault
Lindsay Dault
To construct a farm store to sell honey products from the farm with farm worker accommodation located above the store 4-Jan-17 Click here 28-Feb-17
55827 Nanaimo Morningstar Springs Farm Ltd. To construct a 141.21 m2 second
dwelling on the Property for farm help
30-Nov-16 Click here 28-Feb-17