Island Applications


Application Local
Applicant Application Summary Date
Decision Decision
54929 District of North Saanich James F. Waterhouse
Gwenda L. Waterhouse
to utilize 0.2 ha of the Property for a small commercial kitchen for canning and preparing farm produce, as well as a small food service utilizing farm grown products. In addition, Fickle Fig is proposing to create a year-round farmers' market, selling its own farm products and also selling other local farms products. In the future, Fickle Fig would like to operate a brewery in which over 50% of the ingredients used in the beer/mead will be grown on its farms 6-Jul-16 Click here 23-Jan-17
56062 City of Langford Oakcrest Park Estates, Ltd., Inc., No, BC0258606 To utilize 0.02 ha for a road right-of-way for storm water control at the intersection of West Shore Parkway and Sooke Road Highway No. 14 12-Jan-17 Click here 31-Jan-17